Consultation Services

ArtVale Gallery is now offering consultation services for a variety of art-based needs!


Portfolio Review:           One-on-One Consultation 

Whether you are looking for input on a certain work of art or project, or are trying to complete a portfolio for resume or submissions ArtVale is here to help!


Project Consultation

Starting a new project and looking for advice? Are you in the middle of a project but not sure which direction to go in next?

ArtVale's Shoshana has been involved in myriad of different projects and mediums and as a result has extensive knowledge to assist with any and all projects big or small!



Curation, Exhibition Preparation and More

Curation and exhibition preparation, installation and space preparation.

From basic art preparation to modifying an entire space for an exhibition, ArtVale has experience with a wide range of installation techniques. (Lighting, Floors, Walls, Display, Installation, Preparation and Handling)