16. ReGeneration: November 30, 2018 - February 16, 2019

‘ReGeneration’ is an exhibition of Bay Area artworks produced in residence by Autumn Bree, Kate Godfrey, Constance Moore, Stephanie Potter Corwin, Tracey Rolandelli and Noga Wizansky. During the ReGeneration Residency, these artists were invited to produce work related to the theme of loss and regeneration. Conducted over six Sundays during the fall, curators and artists supported each other as they faced challenges, built new bonds, and developed new works. This exhibition is the culmination of the inaugural ReGeneration Residency and is co-curated by Mary Jeys and Shoshana Zambryski-Stachel.

15. MONSTER MASH: August 22- November 3, 2018

'MONSTER MASH' is a juried exhibition of California based artists whose work explores our perception of the monstrous. Featuring artworks by: Dani Arrecis, Chris Bunz, Verona Chen, Lynn Coleman, Anthony Diaz, Linda Ellinwood, Seema Gupta, John Hartford, Tim Irani, Mary Jeys, Andy Ngo, Amanda Ondretti, Alberto Pacheco, David Reisine, Sherwin Rosario, Jen Solomon, Judith Threadgill, Jacqui Turner, G.E. Vogt, Drew Wilson, Shoshana Zambryski-Stachel, David Zwicky

13. THE EGG SHOW: March 30 - May 26, 2018

         THE EGG SHOW is a juried exhibition of 'egg-centric' artworks by a selection of nationwide artists.      Featuring artwork by: Donna Broder (CA), Judity Capen (DC), Lisa Falkenstern (NJ), Enna Ikuta (RI), Strange Lens (VA), Basha Maryanska (NY), Juliet Mattila (NM), Jacob Miller (CA), Caitlin Nobilé (FL), Teresa Renee Norris (CA), Narda Roushdi (CA), Kathleen Sherman (CO), Brady Smith (CO),                Maggie Snyder (WI), Melissa Stone (CA), Teddi Tostanoski (CO), Tyler Vance (MA), Robert Weinstein (DC), Setsuko Yoshida (UT), Bette Yozell (NM)

12. L'OEUVRE JINN: February 1 - March 17, 2018

      L'OEUVRE JINN is a retrospective solo exhibition of the artwork of 'Djinn' Carl E. Lewis.  

11. BITE-SIZED BEAUTIES: December 1, 2017 - January 27, 2018

      BITE-SIZED BEAUTIES is a a group exhibition featuring small works by a collection of local artisans working in a variety of mediums.                                                                                                               Artwork by: Torreyanna Barley, Becca Barolli, Jerry Bold, Kaibrina Sky Buck, Vanessa Castro, Shane Donahue, Rebeca Frantz, Rinat Goren, Vicki Gunter, Katie Swan Laich, Sasha Lauren Laurel, Carl Lewis, Heather Piazza, Jen Rabon, Shara Hannah Shadowspeaker, Judith Threadgill, Jenny Wong-Stanley and Shoshana Zambryski-Stachel

10. IR*REALITY:  September 29 - November 18, 2017

       IR*REALITY is a juried exhibition of artworks that address the theme of irreality.                        Artwork by: Tammy Ashworth, Vesna Breznikar, Evan Burnette, Dance Doyle, Myra Eastman,              Rinat Goren, Chris Granillo, Sima Schloss, and Jenny Stanley

9. Woman's Work: Water+Wood: Jul7 25 - September 15, 2017 *** extended through September 23rd ***

        Featuring artworks by local Woman artists working with Water or Wood as either medium, subject          or inspiration.                                                                                                                                              Artwork by:   Jaizi Abedania, Angela Baker, Vanessa Castro, Patti Goldstein, Jessica 'Gandalf' Intelisano, Iris Moore, Elizabeth Tanner, Judy Threadgill, Shoshana Zambryski-Stachel

8. MADE AT ARTVALE: June 13 - July 14, 2017

        Featuring artwork by the After School ArtValers, Clay Players, Figure Drawers and more!

7. Joy of Leaves: May 23 - June 10, 2017

        The solo exhibition of Tamar Raine's work features autobiographical works which celebrate expression and highlight the joys that nature provides. Tamar is one of the many artists working with disabilities who work with the organization Casa Allegra which helps to facilitate independence through creativity.

6. The Egg Show: April 11 - May 20, 2017

         This springs eggcentric eggshibition features artworks by Michael Duggar, Vladimir Vitkovsky and Shoshana Zambryski-Stachel

5. Monochromatic: The Bodies of Aphrodite : March 21 - April 7, 2017

        Monochromatic features a series of photographs by Shoshana Zambryski-Stachel from the play Hunting Love and ceramic sculptures by Katie Swan.

4. East Bay Landscapes: February 1 - March 15, 2017

        Featuring oil and acrylic paintings by Richmond artist Rebeca García-Gonzalez

3. GingerBread Man: December 13 - 28, 2016

      Holiday themed solo show featuring original paintings, drawings, cards and children's books            by local artist Vanessa Castro. Vanessa is one of the many artists working with disabilities who work with the organization Casa Allegra which helps to facilitate independence through creativity.

2. REGRESS:Sankofa : October 21st - December 9th, 2016

   Featuring works by Torreyanna Barley, Rebecca Frantz, Reeva Harrison, Becca Levine,                  Judith Threadgill, Rachel Williamson, Shoshana Zambryski-Stachel

1. Peak and Valley : September 2nd, 2016- October 14th, 2016

     Featuring works by Tallulah Mae, Katie Swan and Patricia Zambryski




Kate Godfrey, Constance Moore, Stephanie Potter Corwin, Tracey Rolandelli, Noga Wizansky, Vanessa Castro, Eusebio Lozano, Gloria Rubio-Verduzco, Mary Mortimer, Paul Benton, Shane Donahue, Katie Swan, Judith Threadgill, DeHira Williams, Shoshana Zambryski-Stachel